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Hello Motorcycle Nation!

MOTOTOOBER 2021 is happening and is fast approaching.

There will also be a parade from Kuressaare to Karujärve starting at 17.00.

Gathering at the Auriga center from 15.00.

The parade moves on the route Kuressaare-Tõlli-Anijala-Kärla-Karujärve - the direction when leaving the circle is Kihelkonna.

Due to road repairs, the route is recommended for all motorcyclists heading from Kuressaare to Karujärve.

Information on the movement of ferries is available at

On Friday evening at 20.30 we will be surprised by the Estonian band


The characters of the Pühanüristus are the musical landscape architects of the landrace who grew up on fairy dust.
The metaphysical goal of their music is to find a caveman in every city dude.
Inspired by mushrooms and newly disinfected -
Pühanüristus tickles your myths dots playfully.


On Friday evening at 22.00 the Great Doer from Saaremaa will be on stage


HUNTA will be on stage on Saturday evening 24.07


HUNTA is a gang from evasive and outcast members of bands
No-Big-Silence, Pedigree, The Sun, Goresoerd, Habemik and the devil knows from where…
So much different stuff mixed together, the result is shit… but no one has died from this yet...

Later on Saturday, the notorious AUDRU JÕELAEVANDUSE PUNT will perform

At 11.00 PROFESSIONAL POST DANCERS will arrive on the stage ...!

...and the feast goes on...

Technical support by

Motorcycle cleaning greases are provided by VULCANET

Mototoober ticket is 25 euros.
Payment in cash.

Photos from MOTOTOOBER 2020


Moto Club Ösel MC started the motorcycle events organizing in 2001
in Leisi, Saaremaa. From 2011 was held annually international MOTOTOOBER
on the picturesque shore of the largest lake in Saaremaa - Karujärv (Bear Lake).
Our goal is to do everything in order to get all bikers feel comfortable and
expected. In addition to different bands and musicians there are also
the local folk art collectives performings. Popular has become different
bikers strength challenges and sporty lawn games. Not to mention
the crystalline water in Karujärv.

Those who are interested have enough time to drive around and
explore our beautiful island. Every evening The Big Bonfire
attracts the tongue to taste the famous Home Beer of Saaremaa.